About Us

“Ever since I was a small child, I wanted to provide VoIP solutions to the world.”

Erik Kuli – President – Telephone Industries

Telephone Industries is the oldest authorized Toshiba Dealer in Orange County. We’ve been providing state-of-the-art communications solutions and superior service to customers here and in the four surrounding counties (San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles) since 1982.

Our sales representatives regularly attend sales and technology training seminars hosted by the manufacturers we represent and the carriers with whom we are associated, so they know what they’re talking about. We’d rather have a long-term relationship with a customer than make a short-term profit, so our sales representatives will show you what’s best for you and your business. Our sales representatives are experienced, so they know that they’ve got to offer a FAIR PRICE in a TIMELY MANNER, and be LOW-PRESSURE while you’re making a decision.

Our stable of communications technicians are factory trained. In the unlikely event that they are not able to solve your problem, they have direct access to manufacturer technical support for all of the products we offer. And we’re ready-to-roll 24 hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 52 weeks-a-year. If you’ve got a communications issue, you’ll be able to find us, and we’ll solve it promptly.

Want to know more ABOUT US? Call us today at 714-921-3000. We’ll tell you about the time we jumped of that rock 80 feet above Lake Doris… or about how VoIP can save your business a heap of money… …or that time our friend Greg almost sunk our truck in the fast rising San Felipe tide… if you want.


The wide array of features that come standard with many phone systems today can make it difficult to decide on a supplier. COMMITMENT TO SERVICE is what sets TELEPHONE INDUSTRIES apart from our competitors.

Commitment to service starts with a THOROUGH analysis of your communications requirements and expectations. We ask questions and we LISTEN to what you’ve got to say. We’ll make our recommendations IN WRITING, and we promise to be LOW-PRESSURE during the sales cycle. And when you’ve got questions for us we’ll be RESPONSIVE with the answer.

Commitment to service means INTEGRITY. If your existing system is meeting your needs, we’ll let you know. Perhaps you just need to fire the receptionist and instill some discipline in the rest of the staff – we’ll let you know that too. If there are components of your existing system that we can MIGRATE to a new system, we won’t push the new stuff on you. We promise to sell you only what you NEED, and based on your input, provide a COST-EFFECTIVE plan for expansion. There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES. Our price is INCLUSIVE of installation, configuration, training, and up to 60 days of the fine-tuning of features.

Commitment to service includes IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY. A well thought out communications system should improve the EFFICIENCY of your organization. (And we need to use our background in INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING somewhere.) We’ll demonstrate how the solution we propose will generate a RETURN ON INVESTMENT for you.

Commitment to service continues with a TIMELY installation or upgrade, performed PROFESSIONALLY and COMPLETELY. We’ll be there when we say we’ll be there. We’ll do everything possible to minimize or in many cases even eliminate downtime to your phone system. Our technicians are FACTORY CERTIFIED. While that’s great, what’s even greater is that our technicians won’t hesitate to call the manufacturer for technical support in the unlikely event it is needed. We can do this because we’re an AUTHORIZED Toshiba dealer. And our technicians will CHECK with you before they leave to make sure the system works exactly as you expected.

Commitment to service doesn’t end when the invoice is paid. (After all, if we want you to RECOMMEND us to your friends and neighbors, we need to make sure you’re 100% SATISFIED.) If your new system or upgrade isn’t performing to your expectations, we’ll make it right. We’ll make ourselves ACCESSIBLE. We’ll RETURN YOUR CALLS in a timely manner. We’ll take OWNERSHIP of your issues and make sure they’re remedied.

Why are we so COMMITMENT TO SERVICE oriented? The owner of Telephone Industries - after spending many years on the “other side of the desk”, knows what a smart customer is looking for in a supplier. The very best vendors he ever dealt with were those who met or exceeded his expectations of customer service. So in order to become your telecommunications supplier of choice, he is making this commitment to you.